Fair Use Policy

Fair Use Policy

Avoiding Plagiarism: How to Use Our Papers

Don’t be tempted to submit our essays, assignments, and research papers as your own. They’re meant to guide you, not replace your work. Use them as a starting point, adding your own ideas to avoid plagiarism.

Using Our Sample Papers

  • Read the sample answer to understand how the question is tackled.
  • Review each paragraph, noting important points.
  • Incorporate your original ideas from your notes.
  • Check the sources in the model answer and use them for further research.
  • Make additional notes on key elements for your work.
  • Ensure your final work is 100% plagiarism-free and reflects your expertise.

This process may seem tedious, but it helps you thoroughly grasp the topic for your exams.

Can You Submit the Sample Answer to Your School?

No, submitting someone else’s work is plagiarism. Even slight changes won’t make it your own. Your school expects 100% original work. However, using our research as per our Fair Use Policy can improve your academic skills and scores every semester.

If you have questions about our Fair Use Policy or Terms and Conditions, contact our Customer Relationship Managers.

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